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Top 7 Scooter Rental Tips

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1. Wear the Helmet

The scooters are legit and they move fast. You must wear your helmet at all times. Crashes are possible.

2. Getting Started

Move the kickstand so it’s off the ground. Gently push yourself forward, then engage the hand accelerator.

3. Test It Out

When you first get going, carefully test out the accelerator and brakes. Get the hang of it and how to balance before you take off too fast.

4. Use Your Bell

For safety, announce yourself on the trail with the bell (on the left side handlebar) when passing walkers or other riders. You can also say “On your left!” Be careful when passing children and pets.

5. Lock It Up

Use the chain lock when you stop anywhere and keep the key in your pocket. When you’re done and back here, lock up the scooter to the rail and bring the key (and helmet) inside with you.

6. Going Up Hills

Depending on the rider, steepness, and battery level, going up hills can have varied results. Conserve your battery wherever you can, hills can eat it up quickly.

7. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to stop and take in the views!