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Top 10 Bike Rental Tips

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1. Adjust Your Seat

Use the seat post clamp to adjust your seat height so it’s approximately hip height. Turn the clamp to tighten the hold on the post if needed.

2. Secure Your Cargo

Keep items tucked in well. Don’t let clothing dangle and get caught in your wheel. Bungee things like water bottles down tight so they don’t rattle. Keep bungees taught so they don’t come loose or get lost.

3. Prepare Yourself

Familiarize yourself with the electronic boost and mechanical gear controls. Tuck in long shoelaces so they don’t get caught in the bike chain or gears.

4. Getting On

To make it easy, step through the bike frame to get on. Don’t try and swing your leg over — step through.

5. Shifting

Start pedaling in a low gear (like 1, 2, or 3) at first, then shift to higher gears as you gain speed. When you begin to slow down to a stop, shift back down to a low gear so it’s already in a low gear when you start again.

Pause your pedaling briefly to shift. When you want to change gears, stop pedaling for a moment to click the shifter, then resume. This helps make sure you don’t over stress the chain and things keep running smoothly.

6. Avoid Battery Disconnect

Be gentle. Don’t just let the bike fall on the ground when you get off. The battery can disconnect.

7. Using the App

Avoid using the app while in motion. Stop to check the map when needed. Know that sometimes GPS locations can lag and you may need to go down the trail a bit to confirm you’re going the right way. Using one earbud to hear the directions from your phone is a helpful tip!

8. Vibrations

Minor vibration of your wheel fenders is normal and nothing to worry about.

9. Lock It Up

Use the chain lock in your cargo basket when you stop or leave the bike. Bring the key with you, but put the key back in the box each time you unlock it. Bring the key (and helmet) inside with you when you lock up the bike at return.

10. Use Your Bell

For safety, announce yourself on the trail with the bell when passing walkers or other riders. You can also say “On your left!” Be careful when passing children and pets.

11. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to stop and take in the views!