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Can a person on a regular bike ride with a person on an e‑bike?


Our e-bikes have five stages of pedal assist, so you control how much help you get while you pedal, determining your speed. This means it’s easy to ride along with someone on a regular bike, regardless of their ability, you’re just getting more help than they are!

Do I need to pedal?

Yes, but it feels like you have super powers.

Our e-bikes have electric assist that deliver smooth, silent power that feels naturally in sync with your own pedaling.

Can I stop around town and park the bike while I shop or eat?

Of course!

Half the fun is riding around and exploring town. If you want to stop, just keep in mind that the bike is your responsibility during your rental.

To assist you, locks are provided in the cargo rack with each bike. If you stop anywhere at any time, please use the lock to secure the bike to a bike rack or post and avoid it being stolen and losing your security deposit.

Do I ride the bike on sidewalks or on the street?

It depends.

Most of our routes take you on safe, paved bike trails. But sometimes you’ll need or want to ride in other areas.

For your safety and that of pedestrians, riding bikes on sidewalks in downtown Eau Claire commercial areas is not permitted due to the increased likelihood of collisions with pedestrians coming and going from businesses.

So if you’re riding through downtown, please ride carefully to the right edge of the road or lane and not on the sidewalk. However, bikes may be ridden on sidewalks in residential neighborhoods and other areas of town.

Can I take the bike on skinny dirt trails around or outside of town?

No, not these bikes.

Please keep in mind our bikes are city recreational e-bikes not meant for off-road riding or bumpy single-track trails. Except for urban gravel like Putnam Park, please do not take the bikes to any offroad parks or trails not meant for bikes.

Can I pick up the bike later than the beginning of my reservation time?


You may pick up or drop off your bike anytime within the window you reserve. Meaning if you reserve a four-hour afternoon slot from 1pm-5pm, you don’t have to be there right at 1pm, you may arrive at 2pm if you’d prefer, though you’d still need the bike back by 5pm.

Can I get money back if I bring the bike back earlier than the end of the span of time I booked it for?

Unfortunately no.

Refunds cannot be given for early returns, as your reserved time slot prevents others from renting the bikes during those same periods. Thank you for your understanding, we appreciate it.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

View our Cancellation Policy page »

What happens if the battery runs out?

While your battery will be fully charged before you leave, depending on the length of your ride and the amount of assist you use, it’s possible the battery could eventually run out.

If that happens, your e-bike basically turns into a regular bike. You can keep pedaling and ride it back, you just won’t have any additional power assist. Watch the battery meter to try and prevent this from happening!

What do I do if I have a different problem with the bike?

If in the unlikely occurrence that you have problems with your bike that you’re unable to fix on your own, please call our desk at 715-552-0457 for help with finding a solution.

Can I attach my phone to the bike?


We have optional clamps that can safely hold any phone right on the “dashboard” of your bike so you can follow along on provided route maps via the Ride With GPS app, etc. If you’re not using the route maps, we’d recommend safely storing your phone in a pocket or bag in the cargo rack.

How do I follow the digital maps while riding?

Your bike rental comes with an optional phone holder clamped right to your handlebars. The Ride with GPS app allows you to scan codes at check in for the routes you want, and follow along on the routes via map lines as well as written and audio cues.

One option that can be helpful is putting in one earbud so you can better hear the direction cues, while keeping the other ear open for your surroundings. When following along visually, please be careful and stop before looking too hard at your map.

What fits in the cargo rack?

Lots of stuff!

Our cargo racks come with two bungee cords that can be hooked anywhere in or on the rack itself to hold things down, along with a small box holding the chain lock. The rack is roughly 12"x11" and 4.5" deep. They are big enough to accommodate any size water bottle, sack lunch, a tote bag with beach gear — even some groceries from the farmers market!

Can I bring my own helmet?


While we have helmets available for all riders (in four sizes), you are welcome to bring your own bike helmet if you’d like. Additionally, we do sanitize our helmets between each use.

Can I add my own additional equipment to the bike?


We’ve set up our bikes with all the basics you’d need for a casual ride around town, and we’d prefer you did not plan to mount or attach any other equipment to the bike. Examples of things not permitted would be: additional water holders (there is room in the cargo rack with bungees to hold it), bike trailers, tag-a-longs, front baskets, etc.

Can I take the bikes somewhere else via a vehicle rack or trailer?


The E-Bikes are not permitted to be loaded onto any car-mounted bike racks, trailers, or other vehicles for transport at any time during your rental period. They are intended only to be ridden to and from the rental location.

How old do kids have to be to ride your e-bikes?

Bike riders must be 18 or older to rent a bike on their own.

Youth that meet the minimum height requirements of an available bike and are aged 13 to 17 can ride along with a parent rental with a parent-signed waiver.

For safety reasons, no children under 13 may ride our e-bikes regardless of height. The bikes are heavier than a typical youth bike and handling one may not be safe for both the young rider and the bike.

Do I need a state Trail Pass?

Sometimes, but not often.

The Out & Back Trail routes provided by Eau Claire Electric Bike Rental eventually do require a Wisconsin State Trail Pass once outside of the City of Eau Claire.

How can I purchase a state trail pass?

You can buy it at a state park.

Annual and daily admission stickers and state trail passes can be purchased at most Wisconsin State Park System properties via the following methods: