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Chippewa River Trail to the Hwy 85 Tunnel

16 miles / 1 hour, 20 minutes
(paved bike trail, $3 trail pass eventually required)

Chippewa River Trail

One of the Chippewa River Trail’s many bridges.

Start at the Chippewa River Trailhead right in Phoenix Park downtown.

Take the bike path along the mighty Chippewa River through Owen Park, near UW‑Eau Claire, and behind Water Street.

Soon you’ll come to an interchange where you get on the majestic rail bridge next to Clairemont Avenue, this is your gateway to the longer Chippewa River Trail segment taking you out of town and through some beautiful woods in the low areas along the river.

You’ll cross bridges over marshy areas, likely see wildlife, and eventually turn back at the tunnel under Hwy 85, where there’s a small trail rest stop and map.

While this is the route’s turnaround point, this trail can take you all the way down through sleepy river towns like Caryville and Meridean, eventually arriving in Durand (30 miles from downtown Eau Claire, so 60 miles roundtrip) if you’d like to go all the way!

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Mileage & Times

While mileage for these loops and routes are accurate, the time offered is only an estimate. These times reflect a very casual pace of 12mph, assuming the occasional stop or photo opportunity, etc. Of course if you plan to get off your bikes to shop, eat, or sightsee, you’ll need to plan for more time.

Trail Maps

Both printed and digital route maps are available when you check in for your rental.

Trail Navigation App

Download the Ride with GPS App to put these routes on your phone. We’ll provide instructions when you check in.

How do I follow the digital maps while riding?

It can be helpful to put in one earbud so you can hear the direction cues, while keeping the other ear open for your surroundings. When following along visually, please be careful and stop before looking too hard at your map.

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