at The Local Store, 604 Galloway St, Eau Claire, WI (715) 552-7377

Fun electric bike rental adventures in downtown Eau Claire!

Open 9am-9pm
May thru October at:

Rail trails, bridges, rivers, tunnels, & more!
Get out there and ride — with electric assist! —
along the gorgeous water and downtown views
that make Eau Claire a beautiful place to be.

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How It Works

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1) Reserve a Time

The Local Store at Volume One - Dewey and Galloway St Eau Claire

2) Pick up your bikes

Pick up and drop off your bike at one of downtown’s best and biggest gift shops, The Local Store, where staff can recommend destinations, provide route maps, and get you checked in and fully set up for a successful outing — all from our charming and historic building’s bike rental center.

GPS Bike Routes Eau Claire

3) Where to Ride?

Choose from several popular urban loops, or take a longer trail ride along the Chippewa River! Both printed and digital route maps are available when you check in for your rental.

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